Foshan Nanhai Double Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd. is founded in 1998, is a professional chemical enterprise specialized in manufacturing fluorine chemical products. Our main products have two series : hydrofluoric acid (anhydrous hydrogen fluoride) and fluoride salt. Mainly include: industrial grade and reagent grade hydrofluoric acid, ammonium fluoride, ammonium bifluoride, fluoroborate series ,fluorosilicicate series fluorozirconate series and fluorotitanate series.The company currently brought in 4 production new lines of hydrofluoric acid , with an annual output of 40,000 tons of industrial acid and 40,000 tons of reagent acid. In addition, there are 4 production lines of fluorine series salt in Dexing City, Jiangxi Province, with an annual output of 32,000 tons.Over the years,Foshan Nanhai Double Fluoride Chemical has been focusing on technology innovation and research and has established cooperation with many research institutes in Guangzhou. We made significant investment to develop a new generation product of brazing fluxes and other fluoride, which are based on hydrogen fluoride and fluoride salts.Shuangfu Chemical has always adhered to the sustainable development strategy, and carry out ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment system.Foshan Nanhai Double Fluoride Chemical possesses a professional and experienced team of sales ,and have built lasting and steady relations with numbers of companies at home and abroad, such as listed companies and military enterprises. We will continue our efforts in improving product quality and production technology and service to make our customers more satisfy.

Foshan Nanhai Double Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd
  • The Role of Nickel Fluoride (NiF2) in Magnetic Storage Devices

    Nickel fluoride (NiF2) enhances magnetic storage devices like hard drives and tapes by improving data density, durability, and signal integrity. Its properties—such as chemical stability and compatibility with thin-film technology—make it indispensable for creating efficient, reliable, and high-capacity storage media.

  • The Hidden Weapon in Pest Control

    Sodium fluoride, known for dental care, is also a potent insecticide. Its chemical properties disrupt pests' metabolic, neurological, and digestive systems. Used in household, commercial, and agricultural settings, sodium fluoride effectively controls pests but requires careful handling due to health and environmental risks.

  • The Role of Ammonium Fluoroborate in Electrolytes

    Ammonium fluoroborate enhances supercapacitor performance by providing high ionic mobility, wide voltage range, chemical stability, and solvent compatibility.