Custom Quality Ammonium Fluoride Industrial Grade CAS NO. 12125-01-8 Price

  • Custom Dry Ammonium Fluoride,Quality Ammonium Fluoride Industrial Grade,NH4F CAS NO. 12125-01-8 Price
  • Custom Dry Ammonium Fluoride,Quality Ammonium Fluoride Industrial Grade,NH4F CAS NO. 12125-01-8 Price
Ammonium Fluoride CAS NO. 12125-01-8
  • FSSF
  • China
  • in 5 days
  • 3000tons/month

Double Fluoride Chemical's ammonium fluoride is maily used in :
1. Be used in printing and glass etching
2. For manufacture of dyeing textiles、pigments
3. Organic synthesis
4. Solvents with excellent properties
5. Used in mothproofing and wood preserving

Custom Dry Ammonium Fluoride, High Quality Ammonium Fluoride Industrial Grade, NH4F CAS NO. 12125-01-8 Price

Ammonium Fluoride

Molecular Formula: NH4F

Mol. Wt: 37.04

Cas No.: 12125-01-8

UN No.: 2505

EINECS: 235-185-9

SynonymsAmmonium Fluoride, Neutral Ammonium Fluoride

Molecular Formula: NH4F                                 Molecular Weight:37.04
Analytically  Pure   A.RIndustrial Grade
NH4F                                                                      ≥  96%95%
ignition residue                                                  ≤  0.020.2
free acid   (NH4HF2)                                          ≤  0.5 
CI                                                                           ≤  0.0050.05
SO4                                                                       ≤  0.010.02
SiO2                                                                      ≤0.30.2
Fe                                                                            ≤0.0020.01
Pb                                                                            ≤0.0010.01

Physical statewhite crystal or granule

Melting point: 98°C

Boiling point: 65°C/760mmHg

Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, water, most common metals, strong bases, strong acids. Attacks glass.

Package: 25kg/bag, or according to customer's requirement. 

Storage: Store the container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. It should be stored separately from acids, alkalis, and edible chemicals, and should not be mixed.

Transportation: Dangerous goods, Hazard class:6.1; Package group:III, UN No.:2505

Custom Dry Ammonium Fluoride

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