Nickel Fluoride

  • Nickel Fluoride 98% For Sale

    Nickel Fluoride 98% For Sale

    Some of the common applications of nickel fluoride include:
    1、Electroplating: Nickel fluoride is often used in the electroplating industry to produce nickel coatings on various objects.
    2、Catalysis: Nickel fluoride can be used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions, such as hydrogenation and isomerization.
    3、Glass and Ceramics: In the glass and ceramics industry, nickel fluoride is employed as a colorant and opacifier.
    4、Battery Technology: Nickel fluoride has been investigated for its potential use in high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors.
    5、Fluoride Ion Sources: Nickel fluoride can be used as a source of fluoride ions in various chemical reactions, particularly in the synthesis of other fluoride compounds and in the fluorination of organic compounds.

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